I’m Kim.  I’m 43 years old, have a husband and two kids, and live in the midwest.  I’m like your average mother and wife, but I definitely have an above average desire to try new and exotic foods.

My first trip to Europe was at age 17, when I visited Spain for two weeks.  At that time I had never been overseas before, and coming from small-town Minnesota my exposure to different foods and cultures was pretty limited.  The town in which I lived had just a handful of restaurants with virtually no variety.  There was a drive-in, a Dairy Queen, a Hardee’s, a restaurant by the lake where you could order a “nicer” meal like chicken or steak, and a couple greasy-spoon cafes where retired old men drank coffee and gossiped over breakfast.   The farthest I had been from home was a trip to Disneyworld with my family.  That trip forever changed my outlook on life.  I discovered how much fun it was to break out of my comfort zone and see how others live.  To challenge myself to do things I normally wouldn’t and try new things.  Ever since then I’ve had the itch to travel, learn more about people and their cultures, and of course– taste new foods.

Since I’m a now busy mom of two, time and money make it hard to get away as often as I’d like.  Plus, I still live in a small Midwestern city. That makes it difficult to find restaurants that offer more than just a burger and wings on a regular basis.  However, that’s no excuse.  I can still explore the foods of the world… all without leaving my own kitchen.  Better than that, I can expose my kids to the world beyond that in which they live.  While I’ve sampled some pretty exotic foods, most of them have been in restaurants.  I want to learn to these cooking techniques into my own kitchen and share family -friendly recipes with all of you.

Come with me as I go beyond spaghetti and tacos and sample some more exotic foods and recipes from the countries around the world.  I’ll be trying one from each country.

My goals with this project are to:

  • Try foods that are new to me and my family
  • Expose my kids to different flavors and cuisines
  • Learn about other countries and cultures
  • Experiment with new cooking methods

I started with a Guide to officially recognized countries.  Some of these countries I’ve never heard of before, and there is no “official” list of countries as not every country recognizes one another.   As I cook, I don’t want to always rely on internet research.  Whever possible, I want to find recipes straight from their sources and to meet new people and try new ingredients.