International Theme Feasts: Germany

Last weekend I planned the second of my International Theme Feasts.  This time, it was a German meal in honor of my sister-in-law, Sarah, who was visiting from Las Vegas.  Like myself, she is German (or at least a large percentage German).  Time for us to celebrate.  Besides, who doesn’t love sausages, beer, kraut and Black Forest cake?  In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best cuisines out there.  I should know.  I gained ten pounds when I visited Germany in the summer of 1992 (That’s me next to the Ferrari below.  The only thing bigger than my ass was my hair).



Since I was planning another feast, I felt I deserved a new flag for my collection.  My first flag was in honor of my Norwegian Feast.   From now on, every time I do an entire theme meal for guests I will treat myself to a new one (friends – just let me know when and what you want me to cook for you!).   I’ve got them proudly displayed on my dining room table.

German WineWith our German Feast I also got to add a couple new corks to my collection.  Sarah gave me a hu-MON-gous bottle of German Riesling.  Sa-weet!  (Riesling definitely is sweet).  Not to be outdone by his wife, my brother-in-law also brought me a bottle of fine wine.  Boone’s Farm Wild Cherry.  He likes to keep it classy.  Thanks, Mark.

On the Menu

Main Course:

For Dessert:

german feast

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