Norway: Krumkake

norwegian krumkake maker

If it’s possible to consider yourself Norwegian without having any ancestors from Norway, then that’s what I am.  As a Minnesotan, I’m surrounded by so many Norwegians I feel like I’ve absorbed the culture in my own blood.  My husband is 50% Norwegian, and so are other friends and non-blood relatives.

Our good friends the Knutsons, also Norwegian, have inspired my interest in Norwegian food.  So, when I invited them for a holiday celebration this week it had to have a Norwegian theme.   I knew I’d be making meatballs and lutefisk, but I was still searching for a good Norwegian dessert idea.

Oddly enough, I came across this Norwegian Krumkake maker while cleaning out the storage room downstairs just a day before our Norwegian Feast.  It had belonged to my grandmother, who passed away over four years ago.  I hadn’t given it a second thought since then.  My grandmother wasn’t Norwegian but her sister-in-law was, so I assume it was a gift from Aunt Marg. I knew I had discovered it at just the right time to give it a whirl.

My first batch was a learning game.  I had the heat too hot, so the krumkake burned before they got crisp.  The second time went much better.  I lowered the heat and was able to get in the groove of how long to leave them in the krumkake press.    As soon as they came off the heat, I wrapped them around the wooden cones to crisp.  

Norwegian Krumkake Recipe
These light, airy Norwegian cookies are as pretty as they are delicious.
  • 2 eggs
  • 1¼ C. flour
  • ¾ C. cream
  • ¾ C. sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • ½ tsp. cardamom
  1. Preheat krumkake iron over low-medium heat. Mix the batter and drop by teaspoonfuls onto krumkake iron. Heat about 30 seconds on each side. Remove immediately and wrap around wooden cones until cool and crisp.

norwegian krumkake recipe norwegian krumkake recipe

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